Extra Reading

After each episode, we’ll compile a list detailing our sources for information used within the podcast (as well as other interesting articles) and we’ll upload the list onto this page.

If you find any more interesting articles on a particular topic that we have missed, feel free to drop us a message on any of our social media platforms!

Happy Reading!

Episode 13 – England squad: Who’s going to the World Cup?

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Episode 9 – The Death of TV Sports Subscriptions? 

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Episode 5 – Doping: From Russia with Love 


Episode 4 – Bending the Knee: From Colin Kaepernick to Donald Trump 


Episode 3 – ‘Stokes-ing’ the Fire: Does Cricket have a Discipline Issue?  


Episode 2 – Transfers and FFP: Neymar or Bust?


Episode 1 – Concussion: Sport’s Biggest Headache